July 01 Patch Notes

Maintenance will start at 8:00am and will end at approximately 2:00pm

I. PATCH SIZE: Less than 6MB


1.) Deactivate Father's Day Event Quest (ALL SERVERS)
2.) Patch the Geffen Daily Quest Phase 3: Mage Hunter PVP Room (ALL SERVERS)
3.) Update the Alberta Quest Headgear Reward : Red Navy Hat (SAKRAY SERVER)
4.) Fix the WOE Schedule of New Chaos Server:

P2P Server (New Chaos Server)
· Tuesday - WOE 2 (8:00 - 10:00pm)
· Thursday - WOE 2 (8:00 - 10:00pm)
· Saturday - WOE 1 (2:00 - 4:00pm)


1.) Shout it out Loud: Megaphone and Megaphone Box - Up to 85% off
2.) NEW LUCKY SCROLLl: Cat Eye Scroll
3.) Nasa Pots ang Lakas Phase 7 - Get up to 70% off on Fish Slice, Pills and Buns
4.) PVP Must Have Pots - Up to 50% off (Sparkling Candy, Blessing of Tyr, Acaraje)
5.) Piso Sale is back - Acid Bomb and Poison Bottles!
6.) Wedding Sale Extended - Tuxedo and Wedding Dress (F2P Servers)
7.) THE RETURN: Academy and Clergy Graduation Hat (1 week only!)
8.) THE RETURN: Kafra Card Box (Discounted Price: 50% off for one week only)
9.) THE RETURN: MVP Boss Scrolls [TGK, GR, Phreeoni, Mistress, Orc Hero Scrolls] : (F2P Servers)

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