July 28 Patch Notes

Maintenance will start at 8:00am and will end at approximately 2:00pm

I. PATCH SIZE: Less than 6MB


1.) Deactivate Modified EXP Rates of Valkyrie, Valhalla and New Chaos Servers
2.) Deactivate World Cup Event (ALL SERVERS)
3.) Patch the Midgard Crowd Control Phase 4: Alarm Clock Invasion (ALL SERVERS)
4.) Reactivate the following item option:
- Bloody Dead Branch
- Kafra Card
- Dead Branch


1.) SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Megaphone and Megaphone Box - Up to 85% off
2.) RPC 2010 AGIT LORDS SALE: Neo Equipments at 50% off!
3.) Neuralizer and Gym Membership Pass UP TO 60% off
4.) MIDGARD CROWD CONTROL EVENT SALE: Selected items on sale up to 80%
- Bubble Gum
- Kafra Card Box
- Buff Scrolls
- Food Buff Boxes (20pcs)
5.) PISO SALE IS BACK! (F2P Servers only)
- Poison Bottle
- Acid Bomb Box
6.) BY DEMAND: Gentleman's Pipe Box now at 50% off!
7.) THE RETURN: Pegasus Scroll
8.) NEW EQUIPMENT OFFERING: Beach Towel and Red Beret
9.) MERCENARY SCROLLS at 33% off

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