August 04 Patch Notes

Maintenance will start at 8:00am and will end at approximately 2:00pm

I. PATCH SIZE: Less than 6MB


1.) Activate x2 Modified EXP on the following servers
F2P Servers (Valkyrie and Valhalla) : From 1.5x Mod EXP to 3x Mod EXP
P2P Server (New Chaos) : From 1x Mod Exp to 2x Mod EXP
2.) Deactivate the following item option:
Bloody Dead Branch
Dead Branch
3.) Reset all Agit ownership. ECO and DEF reset to 1 (ALL SERVERS)
4.) Apply New Game Guard Client to all Commercial Servers
5.) Change WOE 1 Schedule (Saturday Siege) of New Chaos to 4:00 - 6:00pm (from 2:00 - 4:00pm)


1.) SHOUT IT OUT LOUD: Megaphone and Megaphone Box - Up to 85% off
2.) RAINY DAYS SPECIAL MOD EXP ITEM MALL SALE: Up to 85% off on selected items:
Bubble Gum
Advanced Field Manual Boxes
Job Manual
Mercenary Scrolls (Bow and Spear)
Food and Scroll Buffs
3.) BY DEMAND: CHANGE NAME COUPON is back! - For one week only!
4.) NEW HEADGEAR: Splash Hat [1]
5.) THE RETURN: Snake Hat [1]
6.) THE RETURN: Heart Scroll

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