In Episode 6: Amatsu and Kunlun , introduced the Wedding System which allowed players to express their undying love for their Ragnarok or real life sweetheart. Now in Episode 10, you'll be able to start a family with the Adoption System!

Only married couples may adopt a child and both prospective parents must have reached a certain level of maturity (Base Level 70 and higher). The child can be any character as long as he/she hasn't changed to a 2nd Job Class yet, though this doesn't prevent him/her from changing in the future.

How to Adopt

The steps to adopt a character are as follows:

Step 1: The married couple equips their wedding rings.
Step 2: The married couple forms a party and invites the character they wish to adopt.
Step 3: The married couple right-clicks on the character they wish to adopt. An option will show up allowing you to request adoption.
Step 4: The child accepts the adoption request. When he/she does so, the child’s character sprite becomes smaller than the normal sprites. Congratulations! The married couple has now successfully adopted a child!

New Skills

Once they have formed their family, the parents and their child gain access to new skills. The parents acquire:

Skill Icon Skill Name User Description
Baby Come Here Parent Ability: A parent skill which summons the child to the parents’ location much like the marriage summon skills.
Mom and Dad, I miss you! Child Ability: The child also has his own version of the skill called “Mom and Dad, I miss you!” which summons the parents to the child. These summon skills let the family save on travel expenses: Only the child has to pay for the Kafra warp service, then just summon the parents when he/she arrives at their destination.
Mom and Dad, I love you! Child Ability: The child has another skill called Mom and Dad, I love you! Once activated, the parents will not lose any experience points if they die during its 2 minute duration. This skill consumes 10% of the child’s SP. Your family can now face tougher monsters without fear of losing those hard-earned EXP!

Effect of Adoption

Aside from the new skills, there are other ways a child is different from a normal character. Their sprites’ becoming small is not just a visual change—they are also considered to be Small-sized creatures. So weapons that have been compounded with a Skeleton Worker Card (+15% damage to Medium size) for use in PvP will be less effective against them. In addition, many weapons like maces and swords are penalized when used against Small-sized creatures. Some jobs actually have new sprites and not just shrunken versions of their normal counterparts. To be exact, Dancer children and the Pecopecos of Cruasader children are new sprites.

Another good thing about being a family is that you can set your party to Even Share regardless of the members’ levels. Your family is no longer required to be within 10 levels of each other. But don’t think that there are no downsides to adopting a child. A married couple may only adopt one child and once a family has been organized you cannot disband it. The couple can still get divorced but, just like in real life, the bond between parents and their child can never be broken.

For the character getting adopted, there are other concerns because you are, after all, just a child in Rune-Midgard. You can only raise your stats to a maximum of 80 and you have 30% less Max HP and Max SP compared to normal characters. You also have decreased forging success rate. Finally, adopted characters are not allowed to marry nor change into the Transcendent Jobs.


Now that you know everything about the Adoption System, grab your spouse (or get married if you don’t have one!) and start your very own Ragnarok family. As they say, “The family that plays together, stays together!”

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