Message Delivery Quest

There is an overworked messenger girl in Alberta who has to delivery a lot of things, so she needs your help in delivering some letters or she won’t make all her deliveries in time.


  • Base Level : 1


  • Quest can only be done once a day per character.
  • Quest will reset 20 hours after it has been done.


1. Talk to the [Quest] Messenger Girl located in Alberta (122,55).
She will ask you for some help delivering some fan mail to handsome.


2. Beside the name of each knight is a level range.
Pick a Knight which is appropriate for your level range for the best EXP .

Level Bracket Knight
1 - 20 Donovan
21 - 40 Richard
41 - 60 Lion
61 - 80 Midetz
81- 99 Grevious

Note :

  • You cannot deliver messages to knights who are above your level range, but you can select knights who are below your level range just in case you want to deliver to them instead (but you will of course get less exp).
  • Be careful not to select the wrong knight or you will have to finish the quest and wait 20 hours before doing it again

Knight Location

Msg-Denovan.png Msg-Richard.png Msg-Lion.pngMsg-Midetz.png Msg-Grevious.png


NPC Reward(s)
Sir Donovan 141 Base EXP
100 Job EXP
Sir Richard* 1,500 Base EXP
1,000 Job EXP
Sir Lion* 16,509 Base EXP
10,000 Job EXP
Sir Midetz* 160,308 Base EXP
100,000 Job EXP
Sir Grevious - 500,000 Base EXP
150,000 Job EXP
* Additional Reward - 1 pc. Warp Free Ticket
- Additional Reward - 2 pcs. Warp Free Ticket


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