Ati-Atihan Quest

1. Talk to Kalibo, located in Umabala (umabala 141,208) and agree to join the celebration of the Spirit


2. He will offer to make you Rings that are blessed with the elemental spirits' power. These ring will be created one by one, in the Order Listed: Ring of Fire, Ring of Water, Ring of Earth and Ring of Wind.

Ring of Fire
10 Red Blood
1 Flame Heart
20 Burning Heart
20 Coal
1 Silver Ring
Ring of Water
20 Fin
20 Turtle Shell
20 Glitter Shell
20 Crab Shell
1 Mystic Frozen 1 Silver Ring
Ring of Earth
20 Witherless Rose
20 Hinalle Leaflet
20 Fig Leaf
20 Racoon Leaf
29 Huge Leaf
1 Great Nature 1 Silver Ring
Ring of Wind
20 Soft Feather
20 Pecopeco Feather
20 Hearpy Feather
1 Rough Wind
1 Silver Ring

3. Once you have all 4 Rings, Kalibo will instruct you to visit Reyna Juana in Ayothaya (ayothaya 146, 234)


She will ask you abot Kalibo and the 4 Elemental Rings that you created in Exchange for a box that contains the 2010 - Pandayaw Headgear.


pandayaw.png 2010 Pagdayaw Hat
Reduce all damage from Demi-Humans by 10%.
Reduce damage from Water, Fire, Wind by 5%.
Reduce damage from Ghost property monster by 10%.
Increase damage Ghost Property Demi-Human by 50%.
30 days rental item
Item Class: Headgear
Location: Upper, Middle, Lower
Def: 2
Weight: 0
Required Level: 20
Jobs All Jobs except Novice.
Trade Permission
2010 Pagdayaw Hat
Trade – No
Kafra – No
Drop – No
Cart – No
Sell to NPC – Yes
2010 Pagdayaw Box
Trade – No
Kafra – Yes
Drop – No
Cart – No
Sell to NPC – No

Note: Ati-Atihan Quest is only until Feb. 24, 2010

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