Battlegrounds is a PVP system in which two teams compete towards specific objectives in various arenas, and has unique equipment and consumable rewards for participation. To enter the Battlegrounds atrium, speak to one of the following Maroll Battle Recruiters:

Map Area Coordinates
Bg_prontera.jpg Prontera 123, 83
Bg_geffen.jpg Geffen 109, 66
Bg_aldebaran.jpg Al De Baran 146, 109
Bg_payon.jpg Payon 189, 105
Bg_moc_ruins.jpg Morroc moc_ruins 75, 162
Bg_lighthalzen.jpg Lighthalzen 153, 86
Bg_rachel.jpg Rachel 149,138

To leave the atrium, players can talk to the Teleporter NPC who will send them back to the town they entered from.


In a distant land west of Arunafeltz lies the small yet powerful country of Maroll. The ruler, Marcel Marollo VII was not only a great ruler, but also a brilliant general. Under his rule, the small country prospered and gained numerous allies from nations both near and far.

But it was not to last. Despite all his power, Marollo VII was not immune to time. After a prosperous 100 years, his health began to deteriorate. His worsening condition prompted the need for a successor.

Of his 9 sons, 2 were found to be promising successors. The talented and highly decorated general, Guillaume Marollo, and the intelligent and charismatic diplomat, Croix Marollo.

Unable to see eye to eye, the dispute between the two princes threatened to divide the kingdom. To settle the dispute, King Marollo decided to hold a competition at the outskirts of Maroll to determine which of the two will lead the kingdom.

That’s where you come in. Which side will you choose?


Eligibility and Enlisting

Any non-novice character level 81 and above may enter the battlefields.

• Find and speak with the [Maroll Battle Recruiter] in the cities of Prontera, Payon, Al de Baran, Geffen, Morroc Ruins, and Lighthalzen. Choose “join”.

• After joining, you’ll be warped to the Battlefield Waiting Room. Here you will find the ff NPC’s:

features_battlefields4a.jpg [Erundek]
Keeper of the Battlefield rewards. Speak with him to view and redeem the diff. Battlefield Items.
features_battlefields4b.jpg [Kafra]
Allows access to Kafra storage, and cart renting.
Teleports you back to town.
[Croix Officers] and [Guillaume Officers]
Speak with them to join any of the 2 Battlefields, Flavius or Tierra Gorge. There are 2 instances of Flavius and Tierra Gorge, with each faction having an NPC for each instance.
NOTE: Croix Flavius 1 vs. Guillaume Flavius 1, Croix Flavius 2 vs. Guillaume Flavius 2, and so on

• Once ready, Choose your desired Battlefield map and faction:
- 2 Croix (red) [Flavius Mercenary Officer]
- 2 Croix (red) [Tierra Gorge Officer]
- 2 Guillaume (blue) [Flavius Mercenary Officer]
- 2 Guillaume (blue) [Tierra Gorge Officer]

Once you've decided on a map and faction, speak with that NPC and choose to Join their army.

• After joining, you'll then be warped to a smaller waiting room where an NPC will be waiting with a chatroom. Enter the chatroom.


• Once the chatroom reaches 20 people (19 players) for both the Guillaume and Croix faction of the chosen Battlefield, the players inside the chatrooms will be teleported to the battlefield.


NOTE: The Battlefield will not start unless both the Guillaume and Croix chatrooms for the chosen map are full (Total of 38 players).

Flavius Battlefield


* Flavius is a best of 3 Battlefield, the first team to score 2 points wins.
* A team receives 1 point when they successfully break the enemy Crystal.
* The Crystal cannot be damaged until its 2 Guardians are destroyed.
* Find the 2 enemy Guardians and destroy them. Once destroyed, a map announcement will appear saying the Crystal is vulnerable to attack.
* Find the enemy Crystal and break it. Only normal attacks work on the Crystals.
* Once the battle is over, speak to the graveyard NPC to exit the Battlefield and receive your reward.
* The winning team receives 3 Badges of Bravery, and the losing team receives 1 Badge of Bravery.

Tierra Gorge Battlefield


* Tierra Gorge is a first to break Battlefield. The first to break the enemy Supply Depot wins.
* The enemy Supply Depot found on the opposite corner of the map is protected by barricades.
* Near the center of the map is a Neutral Supply Depot. The first team to break the Neutral Supply Depot gets to use that area as a re-spawn spot when they die.
* Once the barricades have been breached, players can begin attacking the Supply Depot. Only normal attacks work on the Supply Depot.
* Once the battle is over, speak to the graveyard NPC to exit the Battlefield and receive your reward.
* The winning team receives 3 Badges of Valor, and the losing team receives 1 Badge of Valor.

General Battlefield Rules

  1. Skills disabled in WoE maps during siege times are also disabled in the Battlefields.
  2. Solar, Lunar and Star skills, and Sprint are also disabled.
  3. Skill damage is reduced 30%.
  4. Ranged physical damage is reduced 25%.
  5. No knock back.
  6. Phen Card is disabled.
  7. Players with crosswords atop their heads are the enemy.
  8. Players who die in the Battlefield are sent to the Graveyard. And will be teleported back into the Battlefield at a set time.
  9. Battlefield team mates can be seen on the mini map.
  10. Star Gladiators cannot align any of the Battlefield maps to themselves.


Simply participating in Battlefields will reward you with Badges of Valor or Badges of Bravery. The amount of badges, depends whether your team won or lost a particular Battlefield. Both the Badge of Bravery and Badge of Valor.

* Weight: 0
* Cannot be dropped
* Cannot be traded
* Cannot be kafra'd
* Cannot be vended
* Cannot be stored in cart
* Cannot be sold to NPC

Badge-Bravery.jpg Badge-Valor.jpg

You may speak with [Erundek] in the Battlefield waiting room to trade in your Badges of Valor and Badges of Bravery for very good consumables, as well as some of the most powerful anti-demi-human equipment in Ragnarok Online. All Battlefield rewards.:

* Weight: 0
* Cannot be dropped
* Cannot be traded
* Cannot be kafra'd
* Cannot be vended
* Cannot be stored in cart
* Cannot be sold to NPC
* Cannot be slotted

View Battlefields Rewards here.

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