Black Bunny Band Upgrading Challenge! Version 4

The 3ple B (Black Bunny Band) Upgrading Series

Bring out your Black Bunny Bands, gather those monster loots for the most awaited in-game event is back once again!

So call your Ragnabarkadas now and enjoy trading BBBs for your ever desired in-game items such as MVP Boss Cards!

Trading schedule for +7 BBB, +8 BBB, +9 BBB and +10 BBB:

  • Valkyrie : Oct 23, 2009 Friday (4:00pm – 8:00pm)
  • Valhalla : Oct 25, 2009 Sunday (5:00pm – 7:00pm)
  • New Chaos: Oct, 30, 2009 Friday (4:00pm – 8:00pm)

First Come First Server Basis

  • Location will be announced by the Level Up! Game Masters before the event starts on the day of the event itself.


  • Player must wear the upgraded Black Bunny Band on the day of the event to participate.


  • Player must upgrade a Black Bunny Band to the desired level (+7- up) during the duration of the event.
  • Player must choose Item for he/she wants to receive as a prize. Item list is available below.
  • To claim the prize, player must trade the item of choice along with the upgraded Black Bunny Band.
  • Equipment to be traded in may have cards and upgrades, but the reward item will not have a card and the equipment's current upgrade level will NOT be added to the upgrade level of the reward item.

Player trades in a +9 Black Bunny Band and +4 Balloon Hat and 500pcs Hot Hair, Burning Heart x500, Jewel Crown x5. Player will receive 1 Soulless Wing.


  • Just trade in your Black Bunny Band along with other requirements to claim your prize.
    [Upgrade Level] [Extra Requirement] [Reward]


  • Bring item/s for trade on the day your server is scheduled for the event.
  • Wear the Black Bunny Band, fall in one line and wait for your turn to trade the Bunny Band. You will be summoned on a special place. When a player gets disconnected, the player following the disconnected player may move to that player's place. The disconnected player will have to line up again.
  • Players who delay the awarding process will be sanctioned with a 2 day chat ban (48 hours). This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Making nuisance chat windows
    • Cutting through the line
    • Not giving the correct upgraded Black Bunny Band and equipment when its time to trade.
  • Only a maximum of 5 upgraded Black Bunny Bands and 5 pieces of equipment are allowed per transaction. This is to give time to all other people who are also joining the event.
  • Only a maximum of 5 upgraded Black Bunny Bands are allowed per transaction. This is to give everyone a chance to trade.


  • Prizes will be inserted starting October 28 and depending on the number of participants per server, all overupgraded items will be inserted not later than December 16, 2009.

Please secure a screenshot before and after trading.


  • Black Bunny Band will only be available in the item mall for 1 week. BBB will be removed from the Item mall on October 21, 2009.
  • You may trade any type of Shoes/Boots/Shield
  • All in-game loots must be submitted

Loots required for Soulless Wing: Hot Hair x500 , Burning Heart x500, Jewel Crown x5 wing

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