Book System

This is to encourage players to read books, novels or letters by activating the item window, and not just by the item description.

How it works

Books that can be read have an item description displayed as such by hitting the right mouse button on the item.

The reading window will appear as follows:

For players who would want to read but are doing something else, there is an auto read function that makes the text from the book appear as an announcement. The player can do whatever it is he/she is doing while reading the text from the book.

It appears on top of the screen:

And also in the chatbox of the player:

• These books are found in the player’s inventories. It is unreadable when placed in the cart, markets or from the trade window.
• Players can toggle through the pages by pressing “Left (<-), Right (->)” keys, and close by pressing End.
• Players can only use one bookmark. If a bookmark was used and the player wants to use it on another, the previous one disappears and bookmarks the new one.
• Auto read disappears when players move to other maps.


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