Iara Quest

Help the natives of Brasilis to save their young men from being seduced by Lara by making a purification potion.


  • 20 Heart of Mermaid
  • 10 Leopard Talon
  • 3 Ancient Lips


Quest can only be done once a day per character.
Quest will reset 24 hours after it has been done.


1. Talk and listen to Anori's story. He is located near the portal entrance of Brasilis Field.

2. He will ask you to bring him the following items to make a potion to avoid Lara's seduction

  • 20 Heart of Mermaid
  • 10 Leopard Talon
  • 3 Ancient Lips

3. After giving him the items, he will give you 2 Purification Potions.

4. Player may talk to a Native Warrior located near the Water Fall, and it seems that the NPC was seduced by Lara.

5. If player can access the Brasilis Dungeon, he may proceed to Brasilis Dungeon, 2nd Level at 157 74
and use the purification potion to free Iara from her grudge.

Quest Reward(s)

  • 2 pcs. Purification Potions


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