Hairband Of Reginleif (09-27-2010)

Muli naming ibinabalik ang pinakaasam nyong headgear! (IMG:style_emoticons/default/e4.gif)


Pagkakataon mo na makuha ang favorite headgear ng bayan!
MagTopup at convert ng 2months worth of Premium Service at magkakaroon ng Hairband of Reginleif BOX + 10 Guyak Puddings!


A head accessory which is named after Valkyrie Reginleif. If someone wear this, they can get the bless of god.
Increase resistance against Water, Fire, Undead, Ghost Property by 3%.
Headgear: Middle Required Level: 50
Applicable Job : All Type: Armor Weight: 80
Item Permission: Kafrable, Non-tradeable

Convert 500 pesos worth of Premium Service (64 days) TODAY, September 27 (12mn - 11:59pm), and you'll get a Hairband of Reginleif BOX and 10 Guyak Puddings for FREE!

Event Schedule:
September 27 (12mn - 11:59pm) , 1 day event only

Event Rules:
• Only players who converted their load to 500 pesos worth of Premium Service (64 days) on September 27 will receive their corresponding reward.

Magpapahuli ka pa ba? Top-up na! /gg

Awarding Process:
1. Players who availed the promo will get thier prizes on October 5, 2010 6pm.
2. You can claim your prize in-game through the Cool Event NPC, Torsen located at Alberta (148, 60).

1. Please claim all remaining prizes (from previous promo or events) at the Cool Event NPC before October 4, 2010.
2. The Hairband of Reginleif Box is TRADEABLE.

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