The Endless Legacy

The King of Midgard is aware of the threat that the resurrected Morroc poses on Midgard. He has ordered great adventurers out on quests to seek out powerful weapons and artifacts to use against this threat.

Some of these artifacts are rumored to be in the hands of the ancient demon Naght Sieger. The Twin Edge blades are known to hold great power and the King believes that these will be vital in their battle against Morroc.

The King offers the services of his best master trainers so that any group of adventurers who bring him both of these legendary blades will be able to re-train their abilities. (Full Stat Reset)


1. Just go to endless tower* with your party every week
2. No Class restriction and every job classes are qualified to join.
3. One character per account only
4. The First 3 parties per server who has at two legendary sword of Naght Sieger of the endless tower will qualify for the once in a life time prize of full stat reset.
5. You must submit the screenshot within 24hrs after you have acquired the legendary swords at hp.semagpulevel|leana-mg#hp.semagpulevel|leana-mg.

First 3 party leaders per server to send in a screenshot of both twin blades of Naght Sieger (and have that item in their inventory, cart, or Kafra storage) will be qualified for the prizes.

o Party leaders must include a list of 12 exact character names along with usernames.
o Screenshots (3-5) must include party window stretched to show all members of the party.
o Resets will be given within 2 weeks of announcements of winners.
o The item will be registered and recorded and cannot be used again for this event.

Event Duration:

January 28, 2009 - March 28, 2009


•Full Stats Reset
•100% success +3 upgrade service. First 3 party leaders per server will get +3 over-ups of (1) item of their choice. Get a chance to obtain a +10!!!
•1 dozen Limited Edition Ragnarok Jacket (First Overall)

(Party leader must submit at least 12 characters in different accounts)


April 8, 2009

Endless tower is an instanced dungeon. An instance dungeon is a dungeon that is unique to a group of people. Unlike the usual dungeons RO has, where people can see each other while leveling, instance dungeons allows a party to solo the dungeon and not see anyone else

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