Master Thief Quest


  • Base Level : 21 (non-Novice) or higher
  • 10 pcs. Green Herbs


  • Quest can only be done once a day per character.
  • Quest will reset 20 hours after it has been done.


1. Go to Geffen and speak with the Geffen Enforcer located in Geffen (127 115).


2. The Geffen Enforcer will tell you that he needs help in capturing the Master Thief.

3. There are 4 locations that the Master Thief is hiding.
It is important to change camera views on buildings so that
you will see where the Master thief is hiding. He can be found at:

Thief-1.png Thief-2.png
Thief-3.png Thief-4.png

Note :
If a player talks to the thief before you, he will immediately change hiding places to any of the ones listed.

4. After speaking with the Master Thief, report back to the Geffen Enforcer.

5. The Enforcer will thank you for capturing the thief, but inform you that the wounds the thief suffered were grave,
and that people, even thieves deserve to live. So he’ll ask you to bring him 10 Green Herbs.

6. Bring 10 Green Herbs to the Geffen Enforcer.

7. After curing the thief, the Enforcer will ask you to inform their Captain found in Alberta.
The Enforcer will teleport you to Alberta.

8. Report to the Captain Enforcer and he will give your rewards.



  • Base EXP
  • Job EXP
  • 1 pc. Geffen Magic Coin

Note :
Member of Order of Odin (Premium User) will receive 2 pcs. Geffen Magic Coin.

Exchange Reward

  • Talk to Cindy (111, 104) to exchange your Geffen Magic Coin.

Magic Scrolls

Item Description Requirement
Soul Scroll +5% Max HP, +5% Max SP 10,000 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Armor Scroll +5 DEF, +10 Flee 12,500 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Prayer Scroll +5 MDef, +10 Perfect Dodge 12,500 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Battle Scroll 5% Physical Damage, +5 Aspd 15,000 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Immune Scroll 5% less damage to Neutral monsters 15,000 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Mystic Scroll 5% MAtk, Decrease Casting time by 5% 15,000 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Buster Scroll 5% more damage to Angel, Holy,
and Boss monsters.
20,000 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Cranial Scroll 5% less damage from Demi-Human. 20,000 zeny
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin
Royal Scroll 5% less damage from Boss monsters 20,000
1 pc Geffen Magic Coin

Note :
All scrolls are Tradable and Vendable.
All scrolls last 30 minutes and effects persist through death.

Rare Headgears

Sprite Description Requirement
HoR.png Hairband of Reginleif
Additional 3% tolerance to Water,
Fire, Dark, and Undead Property
Location: Middle Headgear
Defense: 1
Weight: 80
Requirement Level: 50
Job: All Jobs
2,000,000 zeny
540 pcs. Geffen Magic Coin
Soulless.png Soulless Wing
MDEF + 2
Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 1 Assumptio
on the user when recieving physical damage.
Location: Upper Headgear
Defense: 2
Weight: 30
Requirement Level: 20
Job: All Jobs except Novice
2,000,000 zeny
540 pcs. Geffen Magic Coin

hakkaino7 for the Magic Scroll Price

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