Name Change Service Guide


  1. Open to all Ragnarok players – all servers.
  2. Name Change can only be done once every month per account.
  3. Character must be offline for a successful Name Change to occur.
    If character is online, pRO GM will summon the character for verification.
  4. The Player must include the top 5 names he/she wants to allow for taken names.
  5. Guild Masters cannot have a name change to avoid bugs with the guild skills.
    (Guild Master has to break guild for them to qualify)
  6. Players who will have their names changed must leave their guild, party and un-equip all items
    prior to having their names changed.
  7. Vulgar names are not allowed.
  8. Characters with pending RO Policy violations are subject to GM’s approval.
  9. No ASCII characters allowed in the new name.
  10. Maximum of 23 characters (with or without space) is allowed.
  11. Must use own My Level Up CS account where the game account being requested is linked.
  12. pRO GM’s will compile the list of old and new names of the character(s) for future reference.

How to request for a Name Change

  1. Purchase a Identification Box from the Item Mall with introductory price of 7,000 ROK Points.
    The character that holds the Scroll of Identification will be the character whose name will be changed.
  2. File a ticket under Account Information applying for a Change Name for Ragnarok Online.
  3. Player must give the following details for the name change to be done:
    a. Username:
    b. Server:
    c. Character Name:
    d. Job Class:
    e. Base Level:
    f. Job Level:
    g. Proposed New Names: (give 5, in order of priority)
    d. Just wait for a minimum of 5 working days for your name to be changed.
    e. For invalid proposed new names, applicant will be informed through LU Customer Support.

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