Job Classes


Novice nobis.png

1st Jobs

After raising Base and Job Levels, and acquiring the required skills, a player can choose his or her 1st job. One must accomplish its accompanying quest to successfully change jobs. It should be noted that certain job quests require care; losing job quest items in transition will permanently bar you from changing jobs of your choosing.

Swordsman ROSwordsman.gif
Archer Archer.gif
Thief Tief.gif
Merchant ROMerchant.gif
Magician Mage.gif
Acolyte Aco.gif
Super Novice Super-Novice.gif
Taekwon Kid Taekwon.gif
Ninja Ninja.gif
Gunslinger Gunslingersss.gif

2nd Jobs

After reaching certain conditions, existing 1st Job classes can advance to 2nd Job classes, that unlocks more power, opportunities and advantages.

Primary 2nd Jobs Secondary 2nd Jobs
Swordsman cell-content
Archer cell-content
Thief cell-content
Merchant cell-content
Mage cell-content
Acolyte cell-content
Super Novice cell-content
Taekwon Master cell-content
Soul Linker cell-content


High Novice
After being reborn, you start out as a High Novice. You will be given 100 stat points to allocate and also a Knife[4] and Cotton Shirt[1].

Rebirth 1st Jobs

These classes are just like their non-Transcendent versions, albeit wearing different color clothes and having stronger stats. They are harder to level, though.

Rebirth Primary Job Rebirth Secondary Jobs
High Swordsman cell-content
High Archer cell-content
High Thief cell-content
High Merchant cell-content
High Magician cell-content
High Acolyte cell-content

Transcendent Job

Transcendent Primary Job Transcendent Secondary Jobs
Lord Knight Paladin
Sniper Clown / Gyspsy
Assassin Cross Stalker
Mastersmith Biochemist
High Wizard Professor
High Priest Champion

3rd Job

3rd Primary Job Sprite 3rd Secondary Jobs Sprite
Rune Knight Runeknightmfrontwaituw9.gif Royal Guard
Ranger Minstrel / Wanderer
Guillotine Cross Shadow Chaser
Mechanic Genetic
Warlock Sorcerer
Arc Bishop Shura
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