King Of The Hill

Matheass was successfully recovered by the noble men. The King of Midgard announced a celebration to be held in Prontera Castle in honor of those men who stood up against the forces of evil. In this event, The King of Midgard honored those men who lost their lives in saving Matheass.

A week after the rescue of Matheass, all men celebrated their victorious mission in rescuing Matheass while family and relatives of the unsung heroes were rewarded and recognized by the King of Midgard himself.

The King also planned for his Daughter’s wedding but who could be the best one among all the nobles and the bravest warriors? The King searches for a Noble man who could protect his beloved daughter.

One day, a guard rushed into the scene and delivered an anonymous letter to The King of Midgard.

The letter contained a single quote:

The King of Midgard wondered and worried about what the letter could have meant. The King of Midgard walked through the palace hallway while songs and fireworks embraced the moment of the victory. The King himself decided to visit his daughter’s room. As he walked towards closer to the door Claribell, The King’s Noble alchemist came to him and said:

“Your Highness, Your beloved daughter Melione hasn’t woken up since this morning.”

This surprised The King and He demanded for an explanation from Claribell. Claribell surmised that this must be some unheard of disease. However, her logic and knowledge could not shed a bit of light on this mystifying disease.

The King of Midgard alerted all the soldiers, men and women regarding the situation that could have caused his daughter to fall into a deep sleep.

Suddenly, a guard came to The King and carries another letter saying:

“Behold the dream that is forbidden,
A tear of agony from death is written,
One is worthy, one is not.
To proclaim its victory, behold if you got.

A flower that blooms in the midnight sand,
Life it self stands on this island.

The sounds of waters and the darkness of caves,
Gather your strongest and with fear and faith.

On the top of the hill, the life awaits.
Only the king of the hill will decide her fate.”

The King then sent a notice to all the noble men and women who are willing to risk their lives to save her daughter.

The notice read:

Time is fast approaching and the faith of her daughter lies only to the Noble one. What lies on the top of the hill? Who was behind this mysterious poison? The island awaits and the fate of brave men and women shall be put to the test.


  • November 9, 2008 (Sunday)
    • Valhalla – 3:00pm
    • Valkyrie – 6:00pm
  • November 10, 2008 (Monday)
    • Baldur – 3:00pm
  • November 11, 2008 (Tuesday)
    • Freya – 3:00pm
  • November 12, 2008 (Wednesday)
    • Tyr – 3:00pm


  • Players who wants to join must first acquire a Minstrel Hat from the Item Mall.
  • Minstrel Hat must be worn AT ALL TIMES during the event.


  • Players must go to Comodo Island. All of the players can wait at the starting entrance of Comodo Mountain (182, 222).
  • Before the event starts, players who wear the Minstrel Hat would be summoned individually on a special battleground area in which they would battle out and test their strength, repeated until the King of the Hill is determined.
  • When being summoned, players are required to follow GM’s Objectives, Rules and Regulation. The match will begin as soon as the GM announces the start of the event after being summoned in a special battle area ground.
  • If the player is disconnected accidentally, he or she would be eliminated from the event.
  • The player who would survive until the last match wins the event.
  • The last surviving character on top of the hill will be the winner.


  • 1 Valkyrie Helm
  • 1 Ring of Flame Lord


  • November 26, 2008
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