Krieger Von Midgard

Game Flow

The Krieger Von Midgard (aka KVM) Battlefield is the newest addition to Ragnarok Onlines Battlegrounds Feature, which offers 5 vs 5, Player vs Player Match against opposing teams.

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To begin a KVM Match, you must gather 5 Players for the team you will be participating with.
Team Guillaume located to the north east, and Team Croix located to the south east of the Battlegrounds Waiting Room.

Each KVM Battlefield will be divided into 3 Sections depending on player level:

LV 59 Below
LV 60 ~ 79
LV 80 Above

Once all 5 members of both Teams are filled up in the NPC Chatroom, the Battle will commence.


Each Team will be given enough preparation time before the actual fight starts. Both teams will be located in their Waiting Zone, until the preparation time is over.


Each Team will start with Points according to how many Team Members are still alive during the fight. Points will decrease upon a Team members death.


The goal of the match is to eliminate the opposing Teams Members, while keeping most of your members alive.

When a team member dies, they will be transported back to their respective Teams Waiting Zone; until a Team Wins/Loses, or until the Time limit is over.


Once a match is over, an NPC on each Teams Waiting Zone will appear. Talking to the NPC will award you your KVM Points (Krieger Points) which will vary depending on the Battlefield Level, and Success/Failure.

Like all Battlefields, there will be a few minutes of waiting time before you can participate on another KVM Battlefield.

Once you have gathered enough KVM Points (Krieger Points) you can turn them over to the KVM Logistics Officer, in exchange for powerful KVM PvP Equipments.


KVM Points System

KVM Level Win Loss Draw
LV 60 Below 2 0 0
LV 61 - 80 3 0 1
LV 81 Above 5 1 1


Name Type KVM Points
Glorious Flamberge One Hand Sword 2000
Glorious Rapier One Hand Sword 2000
Glorious Holy Avenger One Hand Sword 2000
Glorious Gradius Dagger 2000
Glorious Cleaver One Hand Axe 2000
Glorious Spear One-Hand Spear 2000
Glorious Morning Star Mace 2000
Glorious Tablet Book 2000
Glorious Apocalypse Book 2000
Glorious Arc Wand One-Hand Staff 2000
Glorious Cure Wand One-Hand Staff 2000
Glorious Claw Fist 2000
Glorious Fist Fist 2000
Glorious Guitar Instrument 2000
Glorious Lariat Whip 2000
Glorious Claymore Two-Hand Sword 2000
Glorious Bloody Roar Katar 2000
Glorious Jamadhar Katar 2000
Glorious Two-Hand Axe Two-Hand Axe 2000
Glorious Lance Two-Hand Spear 2000
Glorious Staff Two-Hand Staff 2000
Glorious Shuriken Huuma Shuriken 2000
Glorious Hunter Bow Bow 2000
Glorious Pistol Pistol 2000
Glorious Rifle Rifle 2000
Glorious Gatling Gun Gatling Gun 2000
Glorious Shotgun Shotgun 2000
Glorious Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher 2000

Supplied Armors and Accessories can only be purchased by Players below LV 60.
Public Armors and Accessories can only be purchased by Players LV 61 ~ LV 80.
All other Armors and Accessories can only be purchased by Players LV 81 Above.

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