Cat Hat Service


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  • Quest can only be done once a day per character.
  • Quest will reset 24 hours after it has been done.


1. Talk to Cat Hand Agent (mid_camp 61, 125).
2. Talk to Fluffy Gyaruk (mid_camp 71, 94).
3. Return to Cat Hand Agent to sign a contract.
4. Talk to Fluffy Gyaruk again, at this point he will tell you that you have earned 5 credits.
5. Talk to Ferocious Gorurug, he will explain Fishing.
6. Click the School of Fish (mid_camp 74, 135) to attempt fishing.
7. Once you have collected 10 Piece of Fish, give them to Gorurug.
* Your credit with Cat Hand will now be 10.

  • Subsequent sets of Piece of Fish will earn you 1 credit and 15,000 Base EXP.
  • Marlins caught while fishing can be handed in to Henry Clifford (mid_camp 66, 122) for 2 black market credits each.

Note :
Do not turn in any Marlins until after you have handed in your first set of fish parts.

8. Talk to Hand Cat Mining Agent (mid_camp 88, 100), he will explain mining.
When you have 10 credit points, he will allow you to hand in Unidentified Minerals (3 at a time).
Each set of minerals will earn you 1 credit and 30,000 Base EXP.

Quest Reward(s)

  • Credit
  • Base EXP
  • Random Item (see About Fishing)

About Fishing

You can only fish 20 Pieces of Fish at a time
You can turn in 1 set of 10 pieces of fish every 24 hours
To get the most points possible in the least amount of time, it is best to fish up 20 pieces of fish, then store them.
This will allow you to continue fishing. The Marlins you get will be your point income.

A random item (or nothing) is given each time you fish:

Stone Piece of Fish
Marlin Jellopy
Garlet Sticky Mucus
Spawn Nipper
Sharp Scale Old Blue Box
Old Purple Box Gift Box


Similar to the functions of Kafra Corporation and Cool Event Corporation on the Midgard Continent,
Cat Hand Services provides services on the new continent such as:

  • Save Point service (Free)
  • Storage service (60 Zeny)
  • Warp Service (see Warps)

Unlike the other two companies', Cat Hand's services are unlocked with "Credits".
In order to gain access to these services, each character must complete a short quest to gain credits.


The cost of Warps to other cities is based on how many Credits a player currently has:

Credit Warp Cost
41 - 60 5500 zeny
61 - 80 5025 zeny
81 - 100 4765 zeny
101 - 200 4590 zeny
201 - 250 4170 zeny
251 - 300 4025 zeny
301 3970 zeny

Credit Req.

Service Credit
Storage Service 20
Warp Service Credit
Prontera 40
Alberta 50
Izlude 60
Geffen 70
Payon 80
Morroc 90
Al De Baran 100
Juno 200
Einbroch 250
Lighthalzen 300
Jottunheim 100
Not Implemented

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