Sting Hat

Your favorite Premium extravaganza is back. Now, another collectible headgear, the new Sting Hat can be yours if you load-up Premium 75 from Sept 27, 6am to Sept 28, 6am.


Mag Load-up lamang ng 1 week Premium Service (75 credits = 7 days Premium Service +200 ROK POINTS) simula 6AM ng Sept 27 (Sunday) until 6am Sept 28 (Monday) at magkamit ng kakaibang libreng in-game items:

• Load up! Premium 75
• Sept. 27 6am until Sept. 28 6am
• One (1) 7 days Premium Service is equal to 1 set of Free item (1 pc Sting Hat, 1 pc White Lady Scroll) *If you load up 2 Premium 75, you will get 2 sets of Free item

FREE Items:

Sting Hat
A hand-shaped hat made by mud. It feels weird when you wear it.
STR + 2, VIT + 1, MDEF + 3.
Randomly auto casts 'Earth Spike LV 1' when attacked physically.
Damage from the Earth Property Monsters reduced by 5%.
Damage from the Fire Property Monsters increased by 5%.
Item Class : Headgear Defense : 5
Location : Upper Weight : 100
Jobs : All Jobs

White Lady Scroll (1pc)
If you are lucky, you will be surprised once you open it.

** Random items **
Magical Moon Cake
Moon Cake
Special Moon Cake
Tayelin Doll Hat
Binit Doll Hat
Debril Doll Hat
Blessing 10 Scroll Box
Charming Ribbon
Miracle Tonic
Guyak Pudding


Qualified players can claim their FREE items starting Oct 5, 6PM via Cool Event NPC in Alberta.

For more details regarding Order of Odin Premium Service, visit the following site today:
Premium Service site:

Paalaala: Ang Premium 75, 250, at 500 ay gumagana sa lahat ng servers. Ang Bundled Premium Service ay para lamang sa New Chaos server at sa mga account na walang load.

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