Army Supply Quest

Army Office: Help! There are a lot of injured soldiers in Morroc. We need assistance!

Your white potions and Yggdrasilberries will revive the injured soldiers in Morroc.
Help them now and get EXP in return.


  • Base Level : 61 or higher
  • White Potions or
  • Yggdrasil Berry


  • Quest can only be done once a day per character.
  • Quest will reset 20 hours after it has been done.


1. Talk to the NPC named [Quest] Army Officer found in the middle of Prontera (164, 192).


2. He will ask you to give either White Potions or Yggdrasil Berry to injured soldiers in Morroc Town.

3. Select which you wish to donate.

Level Bracket Injured Soldier Amount
61 - 80 Injured Recruit 5 pcs White Potion or
1 pc Yggdrasil Berry
81 - 97 Injured Veteran 100 pcs White Potion or
2 pcs Yggdrasil Berry
98 or higher Injured Elite 100 pcs White Potion or
3 pcs Yggdrasil Berry
Note :
You can choose to give either White Potions or Yggdrasil Berries.
Giving Yggdrasil Berries will reward more EXP.

4. Go to Morroc Town and talk to the Injure Soldier you choose.



5. Give the appropriate amount White Potion or Yggdrasil Berry to the right injured NPC.
The NPC should 'Revived' if you give the proper amount.

Note :

  • If the NPC that you need to talk is still 'Revived' then you need to wait awhile
    for it to return to its 'Injured' state before you can complete you quest.

6. After giving the items to the Injured NPCs, return to [Quest] Army Officer to get your reward.


Level Bracket White Potions Yggdrasil Berries
61 - 80 80,000 Base EXP
50,000 Job EXP
160,000 Base EXP
100,000 Job EXP
81 - 97 200,000 Base EXP
80,000 Job EXP
500,000 Base EXP
150,000 Job EXP
98 or higher 200,000 Base EXP
80,000 Job EXP
1,046,821 Base EXP
300,000 Job EXP


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