Stat Reset Service

The stat reset NPC will be found in Prontera starting October 20 (1 week limited period)

During that time the NPC will be offering stat resets. Up to 7 can be availed. The first is FREE while the remaining 6 are paid.

1. Find and speak to the NPC at Prontera (prontera 155 283). Listen to his instructions.


2. Choose play if you understand the restrictions of stat resetting, and select [ YES ] to have the NPC reset your stats.


3. The first stat reset is FREE; while the succeeding ones will require [Shards of Odin] from the Item Mall. The amount of shards need for each level and each attempt can be seen below:


4. There is a 20 hr. cool down in between stat resets. So if you’re looking to reset your stat again, you’ll have to wait for 20 hrs. before availing of the NPC’s services.

Remember you can only reset your stats up to a maximum of 7 times. So make it count.

In order to stat reset you must be:

• Weight 0
• No Pet (Falcon, or Wug)
• No Cart (weight under 8k if Genetic)
• No Mount (Gryphon, Dragon, Peco, Mado, etc.)

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