Rune Midgard Civil War

Despite the harmonious times brought about the rescue of the Princess, there have been various skirmishes outside Prontera, and in the cities of Morroc and Payon. The Kingdom of Rune-Midgard was under attack by an unknown force.

A knight who fought in Morroc suddenly arrived in the castle carrying news from the battlefield: “My King! The attackers are a cult of revolutionaries, bent on summoning the greatest evil in the land! They are conquering different lands to properly place their demonic runes to summon the demon Morroc!”

At once, the King mobilized his troops and gathered all the guilds in Rune-Midgard. However, not all guilds were as noble as the others. There were some that saw this as a chance to overthrow the current kingdom and to finally wreck havoc on the world.

You and your guild must choose.. Which side is yours?

Only players who have a guild may join this event. Guild level must be Level 8 or Higher (level limit lowered because guilds in P2P are starting from scratch).

Schedules: November 27, 2008 – December 20, 2008

Number of Siege days for F2P: 7 sieges
Number of Siege days for P2P: 8 sieges


1. Before the start of the event, the guildmaster of each guild who wants to participate must send an email hp.semagpulevel|leana-mg#hp.semagpulevel|leana-mg to choose a faction. Factions are the Prontera Royal Guard and the Morroc Revolutionaries. (Make thread in boards for each server) Factions will be announced on November 25, 2008 in the boards.
2. Deadline will be November 24, 2008 11:49pm.
3. The factions must fight to take the most agits in Rune Midgard, controlling the seats of power in each town—Agits. The following agits in the following areas can be taken control:
• Danau Greenwood (Payon)
• Valkyrie (Prontera)
• Britoniah (Geffen)
• Luina (Al De Baran)
• Nidhoggur (Juno)
• Valfreyja (Arunafeltz)
3. The faction that gets the most points after the event days will win the event. Agits will be assigned a point value. However, a faction can get bonus points by taking control of an area. To take control of an area, a faction must claim a majority of the agits in the area. There will be a better bonus if a faction takes all agits in an area.

Point System:

When a faction takes control of a WoE area, they will get a bonus of 2 points. If they capture all agits in an area, they will get a bonus of 5 points instead.

When a faction takes control of a WoE SE area, they will get a bonus of 5 points. If they capture all WoE SE agits in an area, they will get a bonus of 10 points instead.

At the end of the Challenge, the faction that gains the most points gathered wins the over all War. A consolation prize will be given to the other faction, based on the points they get. However, a guild can only win the prize for the faction they originally joined. If, in the middle of the event, they decide to defect to the other side, then they will not get a prize.

In the case of a tie, both factions will get the prize equivalent of the losing factions.


Winning Faction (regardless of points):
Per guild
• 50 pcs Union of Tribe
• 3000 pcs Witched Starsand
• 400 pcs Alcohol
• 300 pcs Yggdrasilberry
• 200 pcs Karvodailnirol

Losing Faction (10-24 points):
Per guild
• 1000 Witched Startsand
• 80 pcs Alcohol
• 60 pcs Yggdrasilberry
• 50 pcs Karvodailnirol

Losing Faction (25+ points):
Per guild
• 2000 Witched Starsand
• 150 pcs Alcohol
• 100 pcs Yggdrasilberry
• 80 pcs Karvodailnirol

Awarding: December 17, 2008

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