Save The GM

After the Ghost of King Tristan incident, the King’s personal Guard Captain Matheass who was assigned to check the Yssnelf Agit was nowhere to be found.

They searched every agit in towns and but to no avail, Matheass was missing in action. Now the King wants to ask the guilds of Midgard to help them find the missing Matheass. Rumors have it that boss monsters gathered and planned the kidnapping of the Imperial guard. Could it be some part of a darker plan against the new Royal Family?

The King has issued a Royal Decree:


  • October 29, 2008 Wednesday F2P 8:00pm - 10:00pm
    • Valkyrie
    • Valhalla
  • October 30, 2008 Thursday P2P 8:00pm - 10:00pm
    • Freya
    • Baldur
    • Tyr


  • Open to all brave guilds of Midgard.
  • Guild should have at least [5] five members and [1] one Guild master
  • Guild should be at least level 8 (P2P) and level 5 (F2P)


  • There will be a hostage in Arunafeltz map.
  • The event will start when the GM guild breaks the agit emperium in Banadis Castle.
  • Announcement of the hostage taking will take place.
  • The guild that holds the agit where the Royal Guard Captain was held hostage will have to face the kidnappers.
  • The guild master and its members will then be teleported to a special room to kill the masterminds of the kidnapping.
  • Masterminds of the kidnapping are:
    • Atroce •
    • Dark Lord •
    • Gloom Under Night •
  • When a guild fails to save the Imperial guard, the event will continue next Wednesday or Thursday depending on which server fails to kill the monster and save the Imperial guard.


  • Prizes: (Successful guilds)
    • 5 +4 Feather Beret
    • 3000 Witched Starsand
    • 1000 Blue Potion (or any Blue Potion which is stronger than the regular Blue Potion)
    • 1000 Stems
    • 1000 Poison Spores
    • 500 Fabrics
    • 100 Karvodailnirol
  • Consolation prize: (unsuccessful guilds.)
    • 1000 Witched Starsand
    • 500 Blue Potion (or any Blue Potion which is stronger than the regular Blue Potion)


  • Will be given November 05, 2008.
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