Show Me Your Horns!

It’s getting spooky in Midgard as the Halloween draws near. Numerous denizens of Midgard are performing different rituals during these times. And speaking of rituals, the witches took their chance to create a headgear with horns by using their known witchcraft skills. But with no luck on their side and incomplete spells, the witches failed. With the unsuccessful witchcraft of the witches, they seek the help of the great Wizards of Midgard to produce the headgears with horns for the upcoming horn festival. The witches being tricky as they are, threatened to summon monsters until all 40 Headgears are made.

Citizens of Rune Midgard,

The Wizards of the Castles of Geffen are asking for your help to look for the ingredients that will finish the solution for the selected headgears with horns.

• Summoning and Trading will only occur from:

  • Baldur, Freya, Tyr : November 3, 2008, Monday (8:00pm - 10:00pm)
  • Valkyrie and Valhalla : November 4, 2008, Tuesday (8:00pm - 10:00pm)

If you don’t make it on time you’re entry will no longer be entertained.


  • Anyone can join.


  • The GM will summon monsters that drops the items listed below.

GM summons Goats and Dancing Dragon = First 10 Players enter GM’s pub chat and trade required items for Dragon Skull
GM summons Dokkaebi, Am Mut, Deviruchi and Diabolic = First 10 players enter GMs pub chat and trade required items for Deviling Hat
GM summons Horn and Baphomet = First 10 players enter GMs pub chat and trade required items for Flying Evil Wing.
GM summons Filamentous, Swordfish and Mastering = First 10 players enter GMs pub chat and trade required items for Baphomet Horns.

  • Then the GMs will announce “Show me your Horns”.
  • The GM will now create a 1/15 Pub chat. The first 10 players to enter the GMs Pub will have their chance to trade their horns in exchange for the headgear. The last 4 players who enter the Pub Chat will be kicked out.
  • Complete the requirements needed for the specific headgear. Incomplete requirements will not be accommodated.


  • Here is a more detailed breakdown of the trade off:
    • Player gives 5pcs Evil Horn and 300pcs Horn and GM will exchange them for a Flying Evil Wing.
    • Player gives 200 Dokkaebi Horn and 200pcs Little Evil Horn and GM will exchange them for a Deviling Hat.
    • Player gives 200 Dragon Horn and 300pcs Goat’s Horn and GM will exchange them for a Dragon Skulls.
    • Player gives 300 Horn, 300 Dokkaebi Horns, 300 Dragon Horns, 300 Stiff Horns, 300 Little Evil Horn and 10pcs Snow Horn


  • 1 pc. Baphomet Horns


  • Look for the Level Up! Game Master somewhere in Morroc. The Level Up! Game Master will unhide after announcing “Show me your Horns” for each Headgear.
  • The 10 players inside the Pub Chat will be called in one by one to trade the item requirements to the Level Up! Game Master.
  • The Game Master will then take a screenshot of the character’s in-game name and ID which will be the basis of awarding.
  • Players who delay the trading process by not properly following the trading procedure will be sanctioned with a 2 day chat ban (48 Hours).
  • Players who do not give the correct item (ingredients requirement) during the awarding procedure will be sanctioned with a 2 day chat ban (48 Hours).
  • Awarding of the prizes will be on November 12 during Maintenance period.

• If the event is interrupted by an application issue (map crash, emergency maintenance etc.), the GMs will announce the new location for the trading and the trading time will be adjusted accordingly.

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