Slot Enchant System

There are two uses of socket enchant system. First, you can buy an item from a merchant in town and make slots on the item. You will get a slotted item by doing this even if you don't go hunting monsters for the drops. Second, you can drill a slot on selected rare items. You can only get those slotted Majestic Goat or Spiky Band from Socket Enchant System but no where else.

Like an item upgrade, Socket Enchant System also has a chance to
success and to fail of making a slot. And when it fails, the item, fee,
and required material will vanish. Also the items have different classes
and different differences in fee and required materials. The upgrade rateand slotted card of the item will vanish if you enchant the item.

Seiyablem, the socket enchant engineer, stays near by forge in Payon,
Lighthalzen, Morroc, and Prontera. When you talk to him, he introduces himself and offers you a service to make a slot on the non-slotted item.He also provides useful information. When you want to make a slot, you will first choose the Type of item, Class of item, and item itself.

In the each town that Seiyablem stays, has different success chances per class. Some town has higher success chances on high class while other towns have high success chances on low classes. Try to check with Seiyablem for better results.

A few reminders when slot enchanting

*You can only enchant listed armors and weapons.
*There are 4 item classes(C, B, A, S).
*The success chance is different per each class.
*Even if the class is same, the fee and required material may vary.
*If the item already has maximum number of slots, you can’t enchant the item.
*The upgrade rate and slotted card will be reset on enchanted item.
*2 Slots will be added for enchanted Stunner, Gungnir, Poison Knife, Flamberge, Zweihander, and Claymore.
*Item option will be changed for enchanted Ice Pick, Tiara and Crown.

How to make Slots for items

Enhance a weapon's potential by slotting it! Cast off the shackles of your limitations and find your true power! Experience the world of true power by finding Seiyablem, the wandering slot driller. You can meet with Seiyablem in Payon, Lighthalzen, Morroc, and Prontera.

1. This NPC will explain details you need to know about slotting items. Listen carefully to avoid mistakes.

2. Sometimes, two slots can be added to an item, depending on which item is slotted.

3. It's Seiyablem the Socket Driller!

4. Select an item for slotting.

5. Seiyablem says that he works better in different towns depending on the item's upgrade level. However, he doesn't exactly understand how it all works…

6. It's your call!

7. Seiyablem will inform you if you didn't bring anything.

8. Yey! you made it! When you succeed, an angel will appear and bless you.

9. When you fail, there'll be a big explosion.

10. It's extremely difficult to slot an S grade item, so youll be treated to an explosion extravaganza if you actually succeed.

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