Premium Service Feast (06-09-2010) ~ (06-14-2010)

Get more bang for your buck with the Premium Service Feast!

From July 9 to July 14, get awesome in-game prizes just by availing of the Premium service! The higher the amount, the better the prize bundles! Check out the list of prizes bundled with the corresponding Premium service amount:


Players who avail of the promo will get their prizes on July 16, 6pm. So what are you waiting for? Load up now and get the most out of the Premium Service Feast!

Awarding Process:
1. Players who availed the promo will get thier prizes on July 16 (6pm).
2. You can claim your prize in-game through the Cool Event NPC, Torsen located at Alberta (148, 60).

Please claim all remaining prizes (from previous promo or events) at the Cool Event NPC before July 16, 2010 to avoid possible delays or bugs on the awarding of the prizes.

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