Load Up Bundle Madness (08-23-2010) ~ (08-25-2010)

Top Up Bundle is back! From August 23 (12am) to August 25 (11:59pm), you’ll get FREE in-game items everytime you load up and convert it to game time or Rok points. May Load ka na may free items ka pa, so what are you waiting for? Load up now!


Magpapahuli ka pa ba? Top-up na! /gg

Item Description:
Odin’s Recall
All stat + 1
Enable to use skill called “Odin’s Recall”
Item Class: Accessory
• Returns character to save point
• Casting time 10 seconds
• Casting time cannot be reduced
• Casting can be interrupted by damage, but Phen card effects can prevent interruption
• 30 minute skill cooldown

Awarding Process:
1. Players who availed the promo will get thier prizes on September 3 (6pm).
2. You can claim your prize in-game through the Cool Event NPC, Torsen located at Alberta (148, 60).

Please claim all remaining prizes (from previous promo or events) at the Cool Event NPC before September 3, 2010 to avoid possible delays or bugs on the awarding of the prizes.

From August 23 (12am) to August 25 (11:59pm) only!

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