Valentine's Day Quest 2010

The Valentine's Day Quest will be activated on February 13 (12nn) and will end on February 14 (9pm).

1. Go to the Gold Man in Hugel (102 148) and listen to his history.02.jpg
2. Go to Yuno (66 189) and talk to Andy and agree to help him out, even if he annoys you.03.jpg
3. Though we don't officially condone cutting in line,
for this quest you will have to give the girl in front of line Well-baked Cookie (20 pieces) for her agree swapping places with you.04.jpg
4. Talk to The Fairy of Cupid until he gives you Cupid Chocolate.05.jpg
5. You can the choose to give it to Tarrance of the the Old Man (to give to his wife).
Tarrance will reward you EXP and potion while
the Old Man will reward you with EXP and a Random Pet Egg.

The EXP reward from both options are the same.

Note: This quest is not repeatable.

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