Yellow Bunny Band [1] Upgrading Challenge!

We’re going to stir up some nationalistic pride by having a momentous Yellow Bunny Band event!

Upgrade those Yellow Bunny Bands to maximum and get awesome rewards! KVM set, MVP boss cards, armors with enchanted sockets of your choice, and many, many more are up for grabs, so step up your upgrading skills and face the Yellow Bunny Band Challenge!

Trading schedule for +7 YBB, +8 YBB, +9 YBB and +10 YBB:

  • Valhalla Server : June 18, Friday (4:00pm – 7:00pm)
  • Valkyrie Server: June 19, Saturday (4:00pm – 8:00pm)
  • New Chaos Server: June 20 Sunday (4:00pm – 8:00pm)

First Come First Served Basis

  • Location will be announced by the Level Up! Game Masters before the event starts on the day of the event itself.


  • Player must wear the upgraded Yellow Bunny Band on the day of the event to participate.


  • Player must upgrade a Yellow Bunny Band to the desired level (+7 up) during the duration of the event.
  • Player must choose Item for he/she wants to receive as a prize. Item list is available below.
  • To claim the prize, player must trade the item of choice along with the upgraded Yellow Bunny Band.
  • Equipment to be traded in may have cards and upgrades, but the reward item will not have a card and the equipment’s current upgrade level will NOT be added to the upgrade level of the reward item.

Player trades in a +9 Yellow Bunny Band and +4 Balloon Hat and 500pcs Hot Hair, burning heart(500) and Jewel Crown(5). Player will receive 1 Soulless Wing.


  • Just trade in your upgraded Yellow Bunny Band along with other requirements to claim your prize in order: [Upgraded BBB] [Extra Requirements] [Reward]
  • Bring item/s for trade on the day your server is scheduled for the event.
  • Wear the Yellow Bunny Band, fall in one line and wait for your turn to trade the Bunny Band. You will be summoned on a special place. When a player gets disconnected, the player following the disconnected player may move to that player’s place. The disconnected player will have to line up again.
  • Players who delay the awarding process will be sanctioned with a 3 day chat ban (72 hours). This includes, but not limited to the following:
    * Making nuisance chat windows
    * Cutting through the line
    * Not giving the correct upgraded Yellow Bunny Band and equipment when its time to trade
    Disruption of event
  • Only a maximum of 5 upgraded Yellow Bunny Bands are allowed per transaction. This is to give everyone a chance to trade.


  • Prizes will be inserted starting June 23 and depending on the number of participants per server, all overupgraded items will be inserted not later than July 21, 2010.

Please secure a screenshot before and after trading.


  • Yellow Bunny Band will only be available in the item mall for 1 week. YBB will be removed from the Item mall on June 16 , 2010.
  • You may trade any type of Armor/Shoes/Boots/Shield
  • All prizes are final as approved by our developer
  • All in-game loots must be submitted

Loots required for Soulless Wing: Hot Hair x500 , Burning Heart x500, Jewel Crown x5 wing.


  • We highly discourage trading of Yellow Bunny Band to in-game items / zenny. In the event that a bug issue arises (like what happened to the Red Bunny Band incident), the GM Team WILL NOT AWARD the prizes of those who traded the upgraded YBB.
  • (1) +10 Yellow Bunny Band = 1 player will be allowed.
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